Plan your Budget to study in New Zealand from Nepal

When considering studying abroad, the biggest expense is tuition fees. There are, however, other costs that must not be overlooked. If you are planning to study in New Zealand, there come costs including tuition fees, airfare, travel expenses and other costs. You should have an idea of the costs associated with accommodation, food, entertainment, communication and daily activities like transportation before leaving your own country.

The fundamental expenses are listed here to help you understand the specific costs when you start your application to New Zealand's colleges and universities and New Zealand Student Visa. New Zealand institutions typically do not charge admission fees and our counselling service is also completely free.

Cost of a New Zealand Student Visa Application from Nepal

In order to lodge your student visa application, there are certain fees payable such as visa application fee, medical test fee and other minor costs. Given are the costs to be paid for processing New Zealand Student Visa.

The visa application fee is what Immigration New Zealand will charge and is non-refundable.

New Zealand Student Visa Application Fee

NZ $430 (equivalent to 34,000 NPR in Nepal) payable to New Zealand Immigration

Medical Test Fee

NPR 3000 payable to the medical test service provider

Demand Draft Fee

INR 2255 (equivalent to 3608 NPR in Nepal) payable to VFS Global Services Pvt. Ltd.

Courier Charge

NPR 9000 approx. ( Fed Ex Services )

Furthermore, our counsellors will inform you of any costs related to the New Zealand student visa processing.

Costs for studying at universities and colleges in New Zealand

In New Zealand, you must pay a tuition fee for a year to attend college or university. The cost will depend on the subject and the study level you want to enrol in. It also depends on which university or college you want to go to. There are a lot of good universities and colleges in New Zealand, and each one sets its own fees. You'll need between NZ $17,000 and NZ $32,000 (indicative) to pay the tuition fees in New Zealand. Once you get notification of your visa approval in principle, you should prepare to send the tuition fee to the college/university.

Diploma / Certificate (Level 1 – 5)

Fees range from NZ $15,000 per year

Diploma / Certificate (Level 6)

Fees range from NZ $17,000 to $23,000 per year

Bachelor’s Degree / Graduate Diploma (Level 7)

Fees range from NZ $17,000 to $23,000 per year

Bachelor’s Degree (Honours) (Level 8)

Fees range from NZ $22,000 to $32,000

Master’s Degree (Level 9)

Fees range from NZ $22,000 to $32,000

Doctoral Degree (Level 10)

Fees range from NZ $6,000 to $8,000 per year

Costs for Student Health Insurance in New Zealand

Overseas students intending to study in New Zealand should need health insurance coverage. Mostly the education providers organize student health covers to their students. But in case, the providers will not do this, student can buy the insurance with the help of our counsellors. The insurance fee ranges from NZ $ 400 to NZ $ 600 which covers qualifying medical treatment costs. It is important to have health insurance while studying abroad to avoid unexpected, high costs related to medical care and life events.

Accommodation costs in New Zealand:

There are different ways to live in New Zealand while studying at colleges and universities. You could stay in a student hall, a shared flat, or a private flat.

Prices for apartments and houses can vary a lot from one part of the country to another. For example, in Auckland, the average weekly rent for a house with three to four bedrooms is NZ $ 600. Students can find cheaper apartments and houses in other cities like Christchurch, Wellington, Hamilton, Rotorua, New Plymouth etc. which are also popular destinations to study in New Zealand.

Costs listed are weekly averages that vary by city:

Student Hall

NZ $250

Shared Flat

NZ $200

Homestay with meal

NZ $285


NZ $140

Other essential costs for students in New Zealand

How much it costs to live in New Zealand depends on many things, like how you live and where you live. Usually living costs for students in New Zealand are between NZ $12,000 and NZ $15,000 annually, taking into account the students’ lifestyles.

Please keep in mind that the listed costs are calculated as an average and are just suggestions. Immigration New Zealand requires that you have NZ $20,000 per year plus the cost of a round-trip flight or an extra NZ $2,000.

Internet and phone bills

NZ $20 weekly on average


NZ $70 weekly on average


NZ $100-150 weekly

Lunch in campus

NZ $10-15 weekly


NZ $35 weekly


NZ $50 weekly


NZ $15 weekly


NZ $15 weekly


NZ $50 weekly

Other goods and services

NZ $50 weekly