It’s a big decision to decide to study abroad. You have to leave your friends and family behind. Same time you are also challenged by the thoughts of what and where to study. When you decide to study abroad, there are many reputable universities and many beautiful countries where you can experience living. Studying abroad may be dismaying, but the reward you receive in terms of education, personal and professional development is just unimaginable. Here we have mentioned a bunch of reasons which could make Australia your study abroad destination.

  1. World-class education system:
    The education system in Australia is among the best education system in the world. According to University ranking by University Ranking of Quacquarelli Symonds, the University of New South Wales, the University of Queensland, the University of Melbourne, the University of Sydney are among the fifty best universities globally.

  2. Easy access to student visas:
    In comparison to other countries, Australia welcomes international students more efficiently. Foreign students can take part in ‘ Overseas Student Program. Of course, you need to prove your qualification in various areas before getting the visa. Firstly you have to show the confirmation of Enrollment in Study courses at an Australian University for an Australian student visa. Secondly, you need to prove that you have enough financial resources to pay the fees and bear living expenses. Thirdly you need to prove your English skills, and lastly, you need to do health and liability insurance. Although it sounds like a lot of effort, luckily, the process of getting a Visa for international students is relatively easy.

  3. Easy access to part-time jobs along with studies :
    You can easily have access to a part-time job during your study. Legally you are allowed to work up to 20 hours per week during the semester. You can find part-time jobs that are connected to your studies too. The jobs not related to your studies include working as a waiter, retail assistant and promoter. During your semester break, you can work full time. SEEK is one of the most used job platforms in Australia. You need to apply for Tax File Number online, which is a must to get paid.

  4. The multitude of degrees and majors:
    Most of the universities in Australia are among the top-ranked universities globally, and they offer an abundance of majors and degrees. There is plenty of options whether you are studying engineering, English, Medicine Mathematics. You need to contact your shortlist of universities before seeing what they offer and whether your requirement matches them or not.

  5. Better chance on the job market after graduation:
    After completing an Australian degree, there is a higher chance of landing a job. Even if you decide to return to your country, your employer will surely appreciate your Australian degree. Even if you decide not to return, you can apply for a Temporary Graduate Visa, which allows you to work in Australia for 12 months after graduation. Later on, you can further apply for a Permanent Residency.

  6. Upgrade English Skill:
    You won’t face any difficulty because of language; instead, you will experience improvement. English is the official language, and you can communicate in English with everyone. All the organizational things such as applying for VISA, University, signing the rental contract, registering at the new city will be in English. Living and studying in Australia will enhance your English skill as you face this in daily life. All two or three years of stay in Australia, you can understand the accent of English from worldwide.

  7. Excellent research opportunity:
    For eligible candidates, Australia offers numerous research opportunities. It offers country-based research, which is the biggest advantage as it is spread across the country. The research opportunities will be granted on a merit basis and to those with a proven track record of academic excellence. Australian universities are excelling in the various areas of arts, science, humanities, education. Australia is also one of the brilliant contributors to global research, and they have proved this through the discovery of Wi-Fi, IVF and penicillin.

  8. Magnificent Topography:
    One of the reasons to study in Australia is, of course, its magnificent topography. Five different types of climate zone can be found on this continent. Great Barrier Reef and some parts of the rainforests are included within UNESCO’S world heritage site. You can try skiing and go on jungle adventures. There are nearly 10,000 beaches in Australia, and it would be almost impossible for you to visit within 2-3 years of your study period. If you are a sports lover, then surfing on the coast could be one of the breathtaking experiences. It is one of the most popular sports in Australia, which has been played for almost 150 years.

  9. Experience the new culture and people:
    You might state that you can learn about the different people and cultures anywhere around the world. But we can ensure that you won’t regret meeting Aussies and getting to know about their culture. You don’t need to be surprised if anybody informally calls you in your first meet; it’s ok to call anyone by their first name, no matter whether he is your doctor or your boss. Australian people are known as pleasant, friendly, relaxed and open-minded. Almost 30 % of the people are immigrants, so you get to know about the diverse culture.

  10. Dazzling city life:
    Universities in Australia are located both in urban as well as rural areas. No matter wherever you choose to study, you get to encounter and travel to many cities. Each of the cities offers many unique experiences. You can enjoy the striking Sydney beach scenes as well as the bizarre marketplace of Melbourne. Australia is also rated as one of the top 10 countries in terms of its lifestyle. Because of the effective recycling system and beach sanctity, the surrounding is very clean, supporting your better health.