Worrying about how to write a good Statement of Purpose?

Your Statement of Purpose (SOP) reflects the personality you convey to the admissions committee (AdCom) while applying to institutions abroad. It's your time to wow the committee by presenting your profile in a compelling essay that describes your personality traits in ways that your academic records don't.

What is SOP?

An SOP is an extended essay international universities need as part of the application process. As the full form of the phrase suggests, an SOP is an essay that communicates the goal of applying to a given course at a specific university.

This essay summarizes:-

  • Who you are, and who you want to be
  • How prepared you are to pursue a specific course at a particular institution

The paper aims to learn about:-

  • Candidate’s biography
  • Motivations for choosing a future career, and ambitions-plans

As a result, you should discuss previous events that have influenced your career path in a particular subject where you desire to improve by taking a course or enrolling in a college.

What is the significance of SOP?

An SOP for Australia student visa must be well-written if you want to be accepted in Australian universities. Many facets of a candidate's application are scrutinized before making a choice. While your academic record, exam scorecards/academic transcripts, and backlog certificates are all objective, your SOP is the only wholly subjective element of your application.

The single document in your application allows you to demonstrate that you have something special that sets you apart from the competition. As a result, your application record can have a significant impact on your acceptance.

Aus Studies guidelines for SOP writing

While there are many forms and templates for an SOP available online for students to use, finding the right structure can be difficult. You wouldn't obtain the necessary formatting information for a particular document or the best chronology to follow.

Each SOP should be unique; hence Aus Studies has developed its SOP guidelines to assist students in deciphering the components of an SOP so that it may be written quickly.

Write it in your own words.

The real zest of writing an SOP is not asking anyone else to write it for you. Whatever you register, you need to do it in your own words and your level of English.

How long should a statement of purpose be?

Many applicants feel that writing long SOP will create a stronger image for themselves, which is not always true. Make sure you write SOP in a detailed format, precise and short- up to a point.

Use updated information

Generally, students use old references to explain their point of view. In this case, we ask to avoid such blunder mistakes and check references of the latest dates as much as possible.

Use facts and figures.

The facts and figures used in the SOP should be current and correct. Nothing false can be shown or mentioned.

Do not plagiarize

Plagiarism is a serious offence, as we all know doing so can put applicants into huge trouble, and AdCom can discard the SOP written in such a manner. There's a high chance that the student will not get accepted into the university. The students can take references of an SOP but have to write it in their own words to avoid the tag of 'copied from someone else.'

Show how much research you have done.

All you have researched about the country you're applying to and the course and the university should be mentioned briefly. It should look as if you are talking to the admissions officer about it in a written format. So do not hesitate to say why leaving Nepal and studying there is crucial for you, also how eagerly you're looking forward to the new beginning.

Show what other options are available for you.

Always mention, after you graduate, what options you will have to stay back and work or return. However, do not forget that returning to Nepal should always be the main priority mentioned in your SOP.

GAP explanation

Make sure you have valid reasons for utilizing the gap years, which will give a clear picture to AdCom regarding how good of a person you are in managing your time.

Always mention sources

While you're writing, mention which sources you've extracted information from as they always add value to your SOP.

Show cost-benefit analysis

Do some analysis of why studying in that country is good for you rather than your home country. A clear picture of this is significant to showcase.

Mention a brief career plan

You should be able to convince AdCom regarding your career plan after graduation. A solid plan will help you reach your goals, and also the committee will also look into how farsighted you are in this aspect.

How to make your SOP stand out from the crowd?

Now that we've established the significance of your SOP, we'll move on to the most crucial part: figuring out how to create an SOP that stands out among the hundreds of applicants each year. SOP writing has a few principles that will help you remember what you need to remember, such as the total word limit, format, and so on. What's crucial to realize is that you must never forget which course you're writing the SOP for. If you're discussing Computer Science in a country, for example, you'll need to discuss all of your Computer Science encounters, experiences, and learnings. Make sure you don't forget anything important. Don't miss anything crucial, and don't talk about anything else.

Good luck!!!